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Island of Heroes

6 episodes 
Reality show "Island of Heroes" on TNT!
What are subscribers worth when there is nothing to eat? What would a morning selfie be like if you spent the night on the ground with snakes? What is more important: light at a party or light a fire so as not to freeze?
Eight popular bloggers will have to find answers to these questions in the new reality show "Island of Heroes" on TNT! They will go to survive on the uninhabited island of Mogo-Mogo in Panama and show what they can do without social networks and the Internet, without food and a roof over their heads. There are no likes in this project, but there is a desire to survive in extreme conditions and get the most invaluable experience in life (or at least just eat well).

Host: Tair Mamedov

Watch Island of Heroes online on TNT channel RUSSIA.